31 October 2017 

Urban Water Supply

Urban Development Department (GUDM) has assigned Urban Water Supply projects for 23 cities to Gujarat Water Supply & Sewerage Board which are taken up for execution. Out of these 20 projects have been completed and commissioned.

Sr. No. Name of City District Name of scheme Approved Tender Amount Rs. (Crore)
1 Bharuch Bharuch Bharuch W.S.Scheme 11.58
2 Veraval Somnath Veraval W.S.Scheme 0.10
3 Kapadvanj Kheda Kapadvanj W.S.Scheme 6.84
4 Palanpur Banaskantha Palanpur W.S.Scheme 11.23
5 Radhanpur Banaskantha Radhanpur W.S.Scheme 3.58
6 Sidhdhapur Patan Sidhdhapur W.S.Scheme 4.75
7 Mahuva Bhavnagar Mahuva W.S.Scheme 17.71
8 Bhachau Kutchh Bhachau W.S.Scheme 2.44
9 Bayad Aravali Bayad W.S.Scheme 0.29
10 Bhanvad Jamnagar Bhanvad W.S.Scheme 5.33
11 Harij Patan Harij W.S.Scheme 4.31
  Siddhapur PatanSiddhapur-1 W.S.Scheme 3.38
12 Bhuj Kachchha Bhuj W.S.Scheme 21.97
  Bayad  Bayad W.S.Scheme 6.65
13 Kutiyana Porbandar Kutiyana W.S.Scheme 12.31
14 Dabhoi Vadodara Dabhoi-1 W.S.Scheme 3.13
  Dabhoi Dabhoi-2 W.S.Scheme 6.24
  Dabhoi Dabhoi-3 W.S.Scheme 2.51
15 Dahegam Gandhinagar Dahegam W.S.Scheme 5.87
16 Lunavada Mahisagar Lunavada W.S.Scheme 1.65
17 Talaja Bhavnagar Talaja W.S.Scheme 9.30
18 Vanthali Junagadh Vanthali W.S.Scheme 2.02
19 Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh W.S.Scheme (UIDSSMT Based) 19.95
  Hasnapur Dam Based Junagadh W.S.Scheme Part-1 24.02
  Junagadh W.S.Scheme Phase-I 1.04
20 Porbandar Porbandar Porbandar Porbandar WSS Phase-3 0.34
    Porbandar Porbandar WSS Phase-2 3.44

Further, works of following Urban Water Supply projects are at various stages of execution, as below:

Sr. No. Name of City District Name of scheme Approved Tender Amount Rs. (Crore)
1 Chhaya Porbandar Chhaya (Porbandar Package) 51.61
2 Maliya (M) Morbi Maliya (M) W.S.Scheme 11.73
3 Ranavav Porbandar Ranavav W.S.Scheme 51.33
  Junagadh Junagadh Junagadh W.S.S Phase-318.06
  Junagadh Junagadh Hasanpur Dam Based Junagadh W.S.Scheme Part-25.31
Porbandar Porbandar Porbandar W.S.S Phase-1 20.27

STP Works in progress under AMRUT MISSION

Sr. No. Name of City District Name of scheme Approved Tender Amount Rs. (Crore)
1 Jetpur Rajkot Work of STP Jetpur 30.10
2 Morbi Work of STP Morbi -1 33.63
  Morbi Work of STP Morbi -2 14.55
3 Gondal Work of STP Gondal23.08
4 Bhuj Kutch Work of STP Bhuj31.39
5 Dwarka Devbhumi Dwarka Work of STP Dwarka 15.12
6 *Botad Botad Work of STP Botad 38.43
* Botad STP tender is under approval at Urban Development Department

Water Supply Works in progress under Amrut Mission WSS

Sr. No. Name of City District Name of scheme Approved Tender Amount Rs. (Crore)
1 Morbi Rajkot Morbi WSS part 1 30.78
2 Morbi Morbi WSS part 2 20.21
3 Morbi Morbi WSS part 3 43.57
4 Morbi Morbi WSS part 434.02

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