Lokarpan and Khatmuhoort of Water Supply Projects for Bharuch District by Honourable Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel-Report

Bharuch District

Bharuch District :

  • Western part of Bharuch district is adjoining Arabean Sea while north-east is rocky, hilly and uneven part under Satpuda ranges.
  • Water is saline and contains fluoride in Jambusar, VAgra, Amod, Hansot, Bharuch and Ankleshwer talukas owing to high level of dissolved solids in ground water.
  • Eastern talukas of VAliya, Jhagadiya and Netrang are rocky and hence handpump and Mini pipe schemes are functional.
  • Out of 647 villages in the district, 275 villages of 7 talukas are supplied with water from different 10 regional water supply schemes.
  • In order that citizens have not to drink water with fluoride and brakishness, owing to day-by-day deteriorating ground water quality, State Govrnment has planned to cover 509 out of 647 villages of the district under Regional water supply scheme based on surface sources.

Details of Gadkhol-Dadhal water supply recently dedicated to service of citizens

  • A joint venture company of Government – GNFC, as a part of social responsibility initiative, had conducted water quality survey in 18 villages around GIDC estate in Ankleshwer taluka of Bharuch District.
  • Since fluoride and TDs was found higher than permissible limits, GNFC decided to provide drinking water from nearby GAdkhol Pond to these villages.
  • To fulfil commitment of the State Govrnment for providing sufficient and clean water to each citizen, Gadkhol-Dadhal regional water supply scheme based on existing pond of GNFC was formulated at a total cost of Rs.11.22 Crores.
  • All the 18 villages have been supplied with surface source based water through the water supply scheme which comprises of 170 lakh litre per day water treatment plant, under ground sump, ESR at headworks and distribution pipeline of about 36 KM.

Details of Narmadabara, Madhyabara and Uttarbara schemes for which Khatmuhoort is performed

  • The Government has taken up works for Narmada based water supply project at an outlay of Rs.172 crores for Bharuch district situated on the banks of river Narmada.
  • Augmentation works have been taken up by Water Suply Department of the Government for Narmadabara, Madhyabara and Uttarbara schemes covering total 231 villages and 2 towns of Jambusar, Bharuch, Vagra and Amod talukas of Bharuch District.
  • The components of this Narmadabara scheme include 1 meter diameter 14 km pipeline from Nand to Palej, 15 km pipeline from Nand to Karmali, submerged centrifugal Pumping machinery, filter plant, underground sump, pumphouse, ESR at Nand and 60 km distribution pipeline.
  • Works of 813 mm diameter, 38 km pipeline from Palej to Umra and pumping machinery at palej shall be installed under Uttarbara regional shceme for 82 villages of Amod and 2 towns (Jambusar and Aamod) at a total cost of Rs.64 Crores.
  • Works of 600 mm diameter 23 km pipeline and 6 underground sumps from 1 to 60 lakh litres, pumphouse and pumping machinery at Palej shall be taken up for 107 villages of Bharuch, Vagra and Aamod under Madhyabara Regional Scheme.
  • Parallaly, water supply scheme based on Karjan reservoir Jeetnagar-Sundarpura regional water supply scheme is planned for 29 villages of Nandod taluka (Narmada district).
  • Works of 35 MLD water treatment plant, underground sump and distribution pipeline shall be taken up at a total cost of Rs. 12.48 Crore under this scheme.

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