Augmentation of Existing Water Supply System for Kutch district

Kutch District

Keeping in view the summer season, proactive and time bound steps have been taken by Water Supply Department, which include:

  • The lifeline of kutch is totally dependent on Khirai pumping station which was 15 years old & failure of which could lead to devastating results. Thus quick and appropriate decision was taken to replace the old pumping machinery with new one. Installation and commissioning of the new pumping machinery has not only improved the reliability of the system but has also enhanced the water pumping capacity from 220MLD to 260MLD.
  • A new pumping station of 280 MLD pumping capacity and 12ML sump was constructed at Bhachau and a new pipeline of 35 kms and 914 mm diameter was laid from Bhachau to Varshamedi. The entire project was completed at an expenditure of approximately Rs. 87 crores. This new water supply system will increase the water drawing capacity from Maliya to the toll of 320 MLD which was earlier 220MLD.
  • These projects have been completed and dedicated to the service of people by hounourable Chief Minister Smt. Anandiben Patel.
  • Lakhpat Abdasa Augmentation (Regional Water Supply Project) :
    This augmentation project covers 86 villages of Lakhpat and 147 villages of Abdasa, at an outlay of Rs86 Crores. The project components include A DI pipeline of 450/600 mm Diameter from Khirsara to Godhatad Dam, a 600 Diameter 29.5 km DI pipeline from Mangawana to Mothala, Pumphouse, Pumping Machinery and 21 lakh litre treatment plant near Mothala. It is expected to fulfil water demand for human and cattle population of Lakhpat and Abdasa Taluka.
  • Bidada Regional Water Supply – Augmentation project :
    This project is taken up for 18 villages at total cost of Rs. 9.5 crore. It envisages laying 21 km long DI pipeline of 350-400 mm diameter from Wadava water treatment plant to Bhadai village.

With all these efforts the State Government is determined to provide permanent solution to water needs of Kutch District

Kutch District


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