Employee Resource


Account Branch

યોજનાકીય કામોના બિલોનું પ્રી-ઓડીટ કરવાની નાણાકીય મર્યાદામાં ફેરફાર કરવા બાબત. New Download
Acceptance of Bank guarantee as Security Deposit and Earnest Money Deposit. New Download
New Account Head 31.03.2017 New Download
New Account Head No. 2913.02 Download
Accepting SD EMD Bank guarantee New Download
Tax Audit Proforma 2019-20 New Download
ACCOUNTS PROFORMA 2019-20 New Download
Account Master Download
CPF Reconciliation & Statement 2020-21 New Download
CPF reconcilation Sheet-2020-21 New Download
PAN No. of GWSSB Download

Admin Branch

Blank Form of Performance Appraisal Report For Class-I and Class-II. Download
વાહન પેશગી "ના-લ્હેણાં પ્રમાણપત્ર” મેળવવાની દરખાસ્ત બાબત. Download
મકાન પેશગી "ના-લ્હેણાં પ્રમાણપત્ર” મેળવવાની દરખાસ્ત બાબત. Download
કર્મચારી/અધિકારીઓ ની વિગતો નાખવા માટેની એન્ટ્રી શીટ English Download
Gujarati Download
Certificate of transfer of charge Download
Seniority List Click to view
HBA Information Download
Vehicle Advance Information Download

Technical Branch

આઈ.એફ.પી પોર્ટલ ઉપર આવતી પાણીના જોડાણની અરજીનો તાત્કાલિક નિકાલ કરવા બાબત. Download
ATVT-making water supply services public oriented. Download
ATVT districtwise information - Proforma. Download

Computer Branch

Important Links for website. Download
Statement of details for un-usable computers. Download
Details of HCL Support (for new computers-All-in-one, Canon printers, Scanner- delivered in October 2012). Download

Planning and Monitoring Branch

New Work Add Request Format for WMS Download
Asset Mapping Mobile App. Download
Action Plan - 2015-16 Download
Action Plan - 2016-17 New Download
Action Plan - 2017-18 New Download
Action Plan - 2018-19 New Download

Mechanical Branch

Stock Position Mechanical Click to view

Legal Branch

List of Panel Advocates and Legal Adviser for GWSSB New

Vigilance Branch

Work Profile of Vigilance Cell and Preventive Vigilance Cell Download

Monitoring Branch

Spare Assets Form Download
Disaster Management Plan- 2018 Final Download

Staff Welfare

List of Members of Staff Welfare Fund Download

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